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2016 | North American Climate Governance, or how States and Provinces can lead the way: The case of the Western Climate Initiative, International Negotiation, Vol. 22, no 2, 22 p.

Article scientifique

The last fifteen years marked a turning point in climate governance in North America. After years of tensions surrounding federal inaction in Canada and the United-States (US) regarding the mitigation of greenhouse gases, an increasing number of states and provinces (and for that matter municipal governments too) decided to take leadership and develop their own initiatives to fight against global warming. Transboundary action plans and initiatives were adopted and implemented in many North American regions, including the development of regional carbon markets such as the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). In doing so, Federated states have legitimized their capacity to act internationally and demonstrate their relevance to deal with this global collective action problem. Moreover, it shed light on the reconfiguration of authority associated with the creation of international climate regimes at state level in the North American context.

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